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A poetic journey through the rings of good and evil to rediscover the tree of life.

To cope with the emotions ripping him apart inside, Israfel Sivad completed these poems while unemployed in Brooklyn. They were his attempt to break free from the illusion of duality that permeates our culture.

Immersing himself in Ginsberg, Bob Dylan, and the Wu-Tang Clan, Israfel Sivad used the world around him for inspiration. With this work, he developed a postmodern philosophy that merged our binary perceptions of male/female, beautiful/ugly, good/evil into a single, unified worldview.

Ten years later, this same collection became the jumping off point for Ursprung Collective, a spoken word/music project founded by Israfel Sivad and the composer, gn0m0n.

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A poetic manifesto for the chosen generation.

The new age tells stories of souls newly incarnated into this world from an unknown realm. These souls are the “indigo auras.” Their purpose is to illuminate this plane of existence. Indigo Glow shines through with the sensations of these stories.

Skirting the borders of reality in an attempt to illustrate the poet’s exotic feelings, it is a wealth of mythological symbolism and a vision of unknown existences. Touching on themes as diverse as love and insanity, politics and mythology, perhaps, by the book’s end, the indigo souls will have completed their task here and will be prepared to leave this world to their counterparts, “the crystal children.”

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A divine comedy – inverted.

Christian Michael Anderson hasn’t been doing so well lately. He’s out of work, out of money, and out of alcohol. But when he loops a stolen rope through the exposed rafters in his ceiling and places that noose around his neck, his adventure has only begun…

Encountering joke-telling gargoyles, the “Great Beast” imprisoned in a cage, a drug-dealing Tinkerbell, and much more, Christian eventually realizes he’s entered a psychologically haunted world far beyond anything his nightmares ever envisioned. But it’s not until his final imprisonment in the serpentine city of Pandemonium that he realizes he’s been tricked into confronting his own, personal demons.

Israfel Sivad


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​More than a simple collection of poems, We Are the Underground delves into Israfel Sivad's psyche to inspire you to liberate your own. With each carefully defined section, you'll explore inner worlds and find the keys you need to unlock hidden truths. For, as Israfel Sivad demonstrates, it's when we enter our own personal depths that we find true freedom. This poetic journey is your invitation to go deeper than you ever have before. Don't remain content staring at what the rest of the world has already seen. Look through these inspired poems. Unravel Israfel Sivad's "Zodiac Cycle", which contains one poem for every astrological sign in the Western and Chinese zodiacs. Enter the underground, and discover this hidden revolution of souls.